FSDC Practitioner Speakers Series – How Do Technology and ESG Redefine the Landscape in Fund and Asset Management?

Via Zoom Meeting
21 April 2020

Increasing adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") and the rise of FinTech have been reshaping the financial industry landscape and driving many changes in different sectors in the industry including fund and asset management. Catering to the interest of the students of City University of Hong Kong, the FSDC co-organised an online seminar on “How Do Technology and ESG Redefine the Landscape in Fund and Asset Management?” with the university. 


Speakers shared how business and investment processes have internalised ESG as shareholder value has been created encompassing social and ethical considerations, and outlined the ESG ecosystem in financial institutions and the needs for FinTech upgrades within that ecosystem. Overall, they believed, ESG opens up opportunities to people from much more diverse backgrounds, advising students to build on their strengths, cultivate an analytical mind and embrace multi-disciplinary training for staying competitive.


For the program of the forum, please refer to the attached poster.


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