What's FIRST

Financial Industry Recruitment Scheme for Tomorrow (FIRST) is the first job-creation scheme dedicated to the financial industry, commissioned by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and administered by Financial Services Development Council, under the HKSAR Government’s HK$6 billion Anti-epidemic Fund, with the aim of creating 1,500 full-time jobs in the financial services sector.
FIRST allows eligible employers to apply for a subsidy to make eligible new hires. The subsidy will be up to HK$10,000 per month per new hire for 12 months.
  • HK$10,000 or actual basic salary, whichever is lower, per month per new hire for 12 months
  • 1,500 subsidised new hires
  • Subsidy disbursed 6 to 8 weeks after each quarter end
  • Online application from 9:00am 30 September 2020 to 11:59pm 31 March 2021
Do you know?

Number of subsidised new hires

An eligible employer may apply for subsidy for between one and 25 eligible new hires. The number, if above one, will be capped at 5% of its existing number of employees and such will be rounded off to the nearest whole number, except for number of employees below 30, of which the eligible headcount will be one.



Amount of subsidy

The subsidy for each new hire will be HK$10,000 per month or the new hire’s actual monthly basic salary, whichever is lower. Subsidy will be disbursed around 6 to 8 weeks after each quarter end once the approved new hires commence employment.

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